Bitrix24 Integration

First Social Enterprise Network Integration

ValueMiner GmbH, Lisa Rattemeyer
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Complementary Tools

While ValueMiner is strong in planning, prioritization and establishment of context Bitrix24 is focusing on task and document management with additional features from social networking tools. Combining both tools will improve the management process of your teams instantly.

ValueMiner supports the leadership process...

ValueMiner is build for strategic planning, budgeting, prioritization. ValueMiner will give you the overall context and show the value added by each component or projects within your portfolio. 
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... and Bitrix24 enables your team to work efficiently towards their goals.

Bitrix24 offeres a complete suit of social collaboration and communication. This covers task and document management tools, workflow tools and lots more.

Feel free to download our User Guides:

ValueMiner User Guide Bitrix24 Integration_ENG