Digitizing management

It´s time to move beyond tracking

ValueMiner GmbH, Oystein Ullnaess

Digitizing mangement

The book that most influenced me in my  young days, was "Zen an the art of Motorcycle maintenance".

For those who have not read it, the cover story is about a father and a child driving a motorcycle through USA in the 70ties. The real story is a about philosophy - comparing the differences between western and eastern approach to structuring and organizing your thinking - and where the approach to maintaining a motorcycle is used as the example.   

Some key points in the book, is that western way of thinking, tries to decompose topics into smaller items that can all be dealt with independently. In the eastern way of thinking, all items are interrelated and you need to be looking at all items as whole.

When starting to write this article about digitizing management, it struck me that existing management technology solutions, fall into the western category - meaning topics are treated separately.

This leaves managers to do the most complicated part of their leader role in the head - puzzeling together how topics belong in a bigger business perspective and context.

I believe many leaders see this puzzle as an overwhelming job and choose to generalize / pick a vital few and focus on their actions.

What we need is new technology and methodology that makes it easier for managers to do this puzzle and by doing so - increasing quality and efficiency of leadership.

What such new technology and methodology should be, is to help managers become better at:

    - formulating precisely and completely

    - argumenting consistently

    - focusing and prioritizing

    - delegating and following up on results

    - see clearly the impacts and knowing what to do to mitigate    

With other words - let's start looking for digital support of how to lead - not just track.

Øystein Ullnæss, August 2017