ValueMiner Release 2.5.0

New reports and lots more...

ValueMiner GmbH, Lisa Rattemeyer

Release Feature

The following features have not been there before ...

Second Label per ValueElement

From now on you might choose a second dataset to be displayed in a separate label with your node. This is truly enhancing our ability to bring Info to where it belongs.

Selection of label is available via right click menu on node:„…(above VE)“ and „…(below VE)“.

You might choose any of the following in „ValueView“ for the upper label:
 „Todo status“, „Target date“ und „Status type“ 

whilst for the lower label: „Name“, „Reference“ or „Cross Reference“ are available as of now

In different views, different selection for the upper ValueElement is available.

New report: Agility Transformer Report (ATR)

The new ATR will help you to check you companies agility in an comparison to a benchmark or your strategic challenges. Positioning your company in accordance with KPI´s defined by your ValueConsultant will help you to asses and steer your agility.

For other purposes: For each model in the respective BA a dimension in the report is created by VM automatically. Thus you might enhance your usage as u like:

  • SWOT, PETER or other spiderweb applications
  • Create your own analysis by specifying KPI´s and decomposing them in a model labeled as the KPI in question. 

VM will allow you to compare actual and plan figures for the KPI fields as displayed by left click on VE in Cost/Benefit view.

New report: Cross referenced nodes (activities)

This handy report will allow you to compare a selection of nodes over a complete business area as you are binding them together via the same entry in the „cross reference2 field as displayed by left click on ValueElement in ValueView. This report ist available per node, thus you need to RIGHTCLICK on the VALUELEMENT in question in order to select this report. Two options are available: display data derived from activity level and as a second option display data derived from the ValueElement level.

PLEASE NOTE: the cross reference field is CASE SENSITIVE, so „ValueMiner“ will not be matched with „Valueminer“ as the report is compiled. Leaving the cross reference field black will compare all nodes with blank „cross reference“ fields.

New report: Roadmap (over BA)

An „old“ report has gotten some new features: an extension to all nodes in a BA. Thus our MultiProject Management capabilities have been enhanced. All milestones of a BA - hence the name - will be displayed.

New report: Progress report VE level summarized

This handy report is a summary  to the Progress report on VE level showing only the last three columns of the before mentioned report. Same logic for calculating the value displayed applies: benefit-(cost+invest). So for example, th

New report: Budget report summarized

Same as Progress report VE level summarized, but only displaying the budget field.

Aggregation of „ValueStorage“ of each activity of a ValueElement

Right Click in „white background“ and select on the pop-up menu „aggregation“ and continue by selecting „Actual/Remaining“. This sequence will get all values from the ValueStorage of each activity for each node, to be uploaded and added up, so that the sum over all the values of all of a nodes activities is stored at the node level. Example:

Activity1: Actual = 100 

Activity2: Actual = 300 

Sum uploaded and stored in the actual field of the node = 400.

The value on the activity level will remain unchanged. 

This is available for actual and remaining fields as displayed under the cost/benefit view by left click on node for OPEX and CAPEX. This operation is only executed for the model  in question and values on ValueElement level are being overwritten as the sum will be saved to the server for each ValueElement.


We keep optimizing our solution for you...

Optimizing our ValueMiner reports

Getting your work out of our tool is a paramount objective to us. We therefore constantly work on enhancing our reports regarding structure and content. To help you structure your thoughts even better, we have given you the choice to show or hide rows or sub levels of a report. Just left click on the little arrows depicted in front of a reports line first cell. Thus hiding or showing the next row. 

The next thing: You now can display your report structured by responsible. Just select the responsible you need to filter your report for and there you are. (Sure only really applicable in reports, where responsible is displayed)

Sidestep 2-colored 

ValueElements sidesteped from a model and then ahndet over immediately to a second model, are now displayed with both colors: blue for being sidestepped and pink for a sidestep entering the model from another origin.

Target Date delete

To clear a target date you just have to push the clear button after left clicking on a node in ValueView.

Feel free to download our release notes:

ValueMiner Release Notes 2.5.0_English