Operationalization - How modern organisations become more focused and efficient!

ValueMiner GmbH, Robert J. Schiermeier

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A good friend responded like this to my previous article (when facts meet context):

In my hectic reality with constant time pressure, I need more calm to work and focus and be sure that I work on the right things. I experience much mismatch in processes of cooperation – and keep waiting a lot to see if things happen. Your structures show me exactly what happens when things are not connected - nothing!” 

On that pitch, here is a follow-up article more focused on getting more of the right actions done.We all observe a general lack of ability to connect high-level and low-level thinking.

Of course there is a cultural dimension to this - illustrated often in larger organisations by how strategy (top down planning) and operational (bottom -up plans) are made by separate people without much interaction. 

However even in smaller and new modern network based organisations, we often see a lack of ability for C-level to easily set clear objectives with their leadership teams and facilitate the further delegation in the organisation. Powerpoint, Excel and Word still seem to be the executive tools.

This is why Management Facilitation has become a new trend word of social collaboration tools and techniques that aims at helping modern organisations become more focused, efficient and operationalized.


by Øystein Ullnæss