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Visualization over four hierarchy levels
ValueMiner strips enterprise modeling or heading initiatives or getting more business of its complexity, as it decomposes complex objectives into simple tasks – and all in one tool, all in one flow by klick & drag or drag and drop.

Different views to provide you with the information you need
There are four main Views in ValueMiner: Value – Cost/Benefit – Grouping – Activity;
Each view is designed to serve recurring tasks in your daily operations.

It's a cloudbased Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with state-of-the-art security standards

Connect your data with ValueMiner via our standard API.

Explore the ValueMiner views

Value View – structure your business and get objectives turned into tasks

  • get your team aligned through visualizing context
  • break down your business, projects or personal objectives into tasks
  • turn complex issues into simple solutions
  • analyse interdependencies at a glance
  • easy insight through coloring
  • visualize status, responsibilities and much more
  • easy handling – great look and feel
  • involve your team via SideStepping
  • connect your documents to your tasks
  • change responsibilities, enhance models just by click & drop
  • priorities managed easily
  • changes on all levels displayed and impact analyzed

Cost/Benefit View – enhances structure with facts and figures. Get your KPIs, budgets, revenues, and risks on the page

  • see where your actions deviate from plan on all levels
  • take control via analyzing tasks in context
  • assign budgets according to value creation
  • set KPI´s and ValueDriver on all levels
  • connect your objectives with your teams’ value contribution
  • delegate and distribute objectives
  • consolidate and control budgets, KPI´s, status etc. bottom up
  • compare actuals and plan bottom up and top down
  • plan in scenarios
  • and so much more

Grouping View – your tool to structure your work, projects, or initiatives

  • simply drag and drop to group
  • copy nodes from model to model
  • integrate nodes in different views
  • connect nodes over model boundaries
  • focus your view via submodels
  • organize your user privileges according to your company rules
  • display your objectives, challenges etc. in your view
  • compare benefit, cost and risk per program or initiative
  • plan budgets and execution per period

Activity View – plan your work in gantt-charts and delegate your activities to those in charge

  • plan detailed activities per node and stay in control
  • „zoom in/out“ timeline
  • budgets actual plan related to overall objectives
  • scheduling activities via drag & drop
  • consolidate status, budget and much more
  • easy import your project plan into ValueMiner

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Our Mission as a Software Company

We facilitate management!

Every employee may maximize his contribution to value creation through insight and knowledge regarding his role in the overall picture. Therefore transparency is facilitating value creation – We facilitate transparency!

Just imagine how much more you can achieve if you are truly able to state:

„Everybody on the same page!“ – We facilitate your journey there!

As we are striving with you to utilize your full potential as a company, our focus is to deliver software coded by our very own ValueProgrammers, to ensure one thing: Quality and Innovation. Every feature is designed according to your needs in mind and with your benefit setting the priority. If you honor us with your feedback – we will surely listen!

Visualization of interdependencies puts you in charge – on all levels. Our certified ValueSupport Team is looking forward to guide you on your journey to ValueCreation.

System requirements

ValueMiner works best with the following minimum requirements

Windows: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or up; Intel Pentium 4 or up; 512 MB RAM or up

Mac: Mac OS X 10.6 or up; Intel

Linux: Debian 7 or up, OpenSuSE 12.2 or up, Fedora Linux 17; Intel Pentium 4 or up; 512 MB RAM or up