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Sometimes simplicity is the key to the most complex systems of all. Take our planet for example - it is truly amazing - is it not? Simplicity in every detail and most complex in its workings! Most endeavors are just the same - whether in business or in private life. How often does sparring with a friend help to get to grips with problems of the bigger sort? How often do you see a simple solution once you got rid of all the fog?

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What is simplemization?

You have already experienced them, those moments when an image is transporting thousands of messages simultaniously. To encode that in text or slides is tricky and timeconsuming for both: the sender and the recepient. So this is why we use traffic lights and sings and not memos in daily life. ValueMiner´s unique form of visualizing complex business context over four levels is more than a framework of thinking. It is a new way of structuring your business world and you can reuse it in planning, reporting and obviously in daily management. And it is really easy to apply in your world. All you need to know is this:

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  1. Objective: What is it that you want to achieve?
  2. Challenges: What challenges are you facing?
  3. Solutions: How can the challenge be solved?
  4. Deliverables: What do you need to do?

Proven to facilitate management even in a crisis or VUCA situation, it is more than just another framework of thinking! It is a unique set of levels to help align management on all levels. Whether you are deploying strategy or like to increase organisational agility, ValueMiner will help you perform on a new level of focus and agility enabling  your organization to excel! 

And it is not rocket sience so everyone is on the same page. This simple approach applied throughout your company will transform your overall effectiveness like few other paradigms. We at ValueMiner have made it to our mission to support management in all its forms. Whether process oriented, agile or bimodal - ValueMiner will help you to get it done

Our Software

Whether you aim to get your strategy out of the drawer, off the slides and into daily operations or simply need this one project to succeed! Our software will support your actions and keep your everyday complexity at bay. Start in our cloud or get your installation on premises. We support you all the way.

Our Methodology

We have worked hard to compress what is needed on a daily business in easy to use pradigms without losing its punch. The result is included in all our webinars and certification courses. So you get so much more than just a tool - you get a way forward as a team!

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