More than just a software

Complexity simplemized!

Sometimes simplicity is the key to the most complex systems of all. Take our planet for example - it is truly amazing - is it not? Simplicity in every detail and most complex in its workings! Most endeavors are just the same - whether in business or in private life. How often does sparring with a friend help to get to grips with problems of the bigger sort? How often do you see a simple solution once you got rid of all the fog?

Our software supports our methodology

  • Core of the software: The ValueMiner model over the four levels, consisting of                   Value elements and Relationships. Easily create and modify your models by using             drag & drop.
  • Enrichment of Value elements with other data such as Responsibility, Target Date,           Status, Cost / Benefit
  • Color Coding: Status, responsibilities, affiliations, etc. at a glance
  • Different Views: The relevant features and information directly available 


  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): At any time and everywhere access to the models
  • REST API: import and export of your data from existing systems
  • Highest safety standards
  • Individual authorization concept: set individually hits on models

Explore the ValueMiner views

Value View – structure your business and get objectives turned into tasks

  • get your team aligned through visualizing context
  • break down your business, projects or personal objectives into tasks
  • turn complex issues into simple solutions
  • analyse interdependencies at a glance
  • easy insight through coloring
  • visualize status, responsibilities and much more
  • easy handling – great look and feel
  • involve your team via SideStepping
  • connect your documents to your tasks
  • change responsibilities, enhance models just by click & drop
  • priorities managed easily
  • changes on all levels displayed and impact analyzed

Cost/Benefit View – enhances structure with facts and figures. Get your KPIs, budgets, revenues, and risks on the page

  • see where your actions deviate from plan on all levels
  • take control via analyzing tasks in context
  • assign budgets according to value creation
  • set KPI´s and ValueDriver on all levels
  • connect your objectives with your teams’ value contribution
  • delegate and distribute objectives
  • consolidate and control budgets, KPI´s, status etc. bottom up
  • compare actuals and plan bottom up and top down
  • plan in scenarios
  • and so much more

Grouping View – your tool to structure your work, projects, or initiatives

  • simply drag and drop to group
  • copy nodes from model to model
  • integrate nodes in different views
  • connect nodes over model boundaries
  • focus your view via submodels
  • organize your user privileges according to your company rules
  • display your objectives, challenges etc. in your view
  • compare benefit, cost and risk per program or initiative
  • plan budgets and execution per period

Activity View – plan your work in gantt-charts and delegate your activities to those in charge

  • plan detailed activities per node and stay in control
  • „zoom in/out“ timeline
  • budgets actual plan related to overall objectives
  • scheduling activities via drag & drop
  • consolidate status, budget and much more
  • easy import your project plan into ValueMiner

Structure your thoughts - your work - your team.

Harness the power of vizualisation now!