Unleashing the power of a unique organisation!


€ 70 million saved every year


Guarding 150,000 members with 60% faster market onboarding


500+ projects tracked real time


Reducing 2000+ word files and 1000s of hours


300+ tasks automated


180% increase in efficiency


Transformation of a £ 1 billion business


80% time reduction in report checks


600 projects planned


400 projects monitored


Increasing project portfolio management by € 180 million


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ValueMiner AI architects provide AI solutions that combine our unique business capabilities with state-of-the-art AI software services. We offer you a new kind of AI that transforms your business performance, opening an enthralling universe of sustainable business success.

  • Bringing order into chaos

  • Evolving AI constantly enhancing your performance

  • Delivering the precise business logic

  • Real time visualization of strategic dependencies and their impact


Our pantheon of unique Artificial Intelligence solutions is at your disposal to battle the multiplex of organisational
challenges and improve your performance on all levels.

Concerning certain issues, you simply need to ensure you are keeping an overview. With ValueMiner you know exactly where you stand and how you do – realtime. With legal issues there is no such thing as “try” – there is only “deliver” or bearing the consequences.

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We know how fast things are moving- but this is just the beginning! With this solution you will be able to identify, what you are you already doing to meet this challenge; where you need to do more and what priority you should assign.

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The world is digital – and more so every day. But what about security? What about standards? How to choose, implement and monitor efficiently? How to use open sources like BSI Catalogs to fit your individual channel? ValueMiner supports you all the way.

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Wanna get more done in less time? What seems like a kids faith in Santa at first must not stay a farytale. Use ValueMiner to derive meaningfull Epics and keep your team focused, so the agile magic can do its miracles. We will link your teams and their tools with your strategy.

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To avoid your “daily Babylon” is easy. Implement a framework to align your team and just get more done. ValueMiner supports COBIT by incorporating such things like its logic, nomenclatur or standard reports. Making your investment sustainable and producing results as you go.

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How exactly does your portfolio of projects, programs, activities and related support your strategy? Which ones do you prioritize to maximize strategic benefit? How will this change, as you continue your workflow? We know how hard those things can be in today’s complex world. VM will help you staying on top of things- and make better decisions even faster. All supported by our AI.

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Oldschool you think? Rethink! Managing your objectives and aligning your team is essential to success. We link individuals with teams – personal objectives with overall performance. Stop wasting time by living placebos and start to achieve your goals by truly manage like a team.

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You have the task to run a program management office? We’ll help you succeed! We’ll make it possible for you to collaborate from all over the globe. Just build, plan, track and report – all at the same time. Cut down on uncertainty and know whether you can deliver if it counts. And most importantly, adapt to a changing environment and incorporate changes in strategy- in a heartbeat.

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Getting what you shop for is an art – whether you are a product manager, outsourcing leader or innovations manager – it just doesn’t make a difference. ValueMiner will help you keeping your head above water: and support your ability to deliver as promised. See at a glance who is delivering what. Have transparency about those things that might eventually go wrong.

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Wherever you want – on your premises or our dedicated cloud storage in a country of your choice.

As Valueminer uses your regular internet browser setup, your hardware is ready to go out of the box.

We make the AI serve your business, not the other way around!

Result driven teams or individuals in companies of all sizes. Our user based hybrid price model allows you to select an AI platform combination of your choice.

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