ValueMiner providing


overview & transparency


at any step of your growth

ValueMiner aligning


your team & stakeholders


to the same agenda

ValueMiner ensures


context & transparency


for an easy to understand overall picture


ValueMiner is the first and leading Business Facilitating Software providing consistent overview through structure and visualization of Business Initiatives. Thereby showing every single activity with its clear relations.


ValueMiner delivers the precise context of all of your Business Initiatives by adding the relevant information to your activities, e.g. by linking your primary enterprise systems providing unknown overview and insight.


ValueMiner ensures the maximum contribution of every Initiative to your strategy. Having all relevant information on only one page you gain an unknown tool for measurement and control.

Our solutions your sucess 

see below how companies, such as Roche, Maersk or Vattenfall succeeded by using ValueMiner.

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Compliance Management

There are issues were you just need to make sure you are on top of them. With ValueMiner you know where you stand and how you do - realtime. With legal issues there is no such thing as "try". Click to learn more.

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Digital Transformation

We know how fast things are moving and this is just the beginning! With this solution you will be able to identify, what you are you already doing to meet this challenge; where you need to do more and what priority you should assign. Click here to learn more.

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Agile Transformation

As we all have learned: more or bigger isn´t always better. So just how much agility does your company need? Where is it needed? At what cost? We will help you find those answers and help you to stay on top of your activities. Click to learn more.

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Agile Management

Wanna get more done in less time? What seems like a kids faith in Santa at first must not stay a farytale. Use ValueMiner to derive meaningfull Epics and keep your team focused, so the agile magic can do its miracles. We will link your teams and their tools with your strategy. Click here to learn more.

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To avoid your "daily Babylon" is easy. Implement a framework to align your team and just get more done. ValueMiner supports COBIT by incorporating such things like its logic, nomenclatur or standard reports. making your investment sustainable and producing results as you go. Click here to learn more.

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Management by Objective

Oldschool you think? Rethink! Managing your objectives and aligning your team is essential to success. We link individuals with teams - personal objectives with overall performance. Stop wasting time by living placebos and start to achieve your goals by truly manage like a team. Click here to learn more.

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Program Management Office (PMO)

We help you succed as Head of a PMO. Collaborate from all over the globe. Track and report at the same time.Cut down on uncertainty and know whether you can deliver when it counts. And most importantly, adapt to a changing environment and incorporate a change in strategy in a heartbeat. Click here to learn more.

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Strategic Portfolio Management

So how does your portfolio of projects, programs, activities and so on support your strategy? Which ones do you prioritize to maximize strategic benefit? How does this change as you comntinue to work? We know how hard those things are in a complex world. And if your strategic setting is changing - so can you in a heartbeat. Click here to learn more.

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Requirement Engineering

Getting what you shop for is an art - whether you are a product manager, outsourcing leader or Innovations Manager it just does not matter. ValueMiner will help you keep your head above water and deliver as promised. See at a glance who ist delivering what. Have transparancy about the things that might go wrong. Click here to learn more.

Our Clients

We enjoy the privilege of working with the following companies

It has helped us clarify scope, keep a strong communication with clients and control of status, impact and progress of complex international projects.

NasdaqOMX - (International financial company)

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