ValueMiner providing

overview & transparency

at any step of your growth

ValueMiner aligning

your team & stakeholders

to the same agenda

ValueMiner ensures

context & transparency

for an easy to understand overall picture

Visual structure

ValueMiner is the first and leading Business Facilitating Software providing consistent overview through structure and visualization of Business Initiatives. Thereby showing every single activity with its clear relations.

Precise context

ValueMiner delivers the precise context of all of your Business Initiatives by adding the relevant information to your activities, e.g. by linking your primary enterprise systems providing unknown overview and insight.

Continuous measurement

ValueMiner ensures the maximum contribution of every Initiative to your strategy. Having all relevant information on only one page you gain an unknown tool for measurement and control.

We help you to master your agile management challenges.


Software designed to deliver results enabling your collective team power through realtime collaboration.

ValueMiner means instant realtime information.

Wether you are in the office or on the go.
Odoo CMS - a big picture

ValueMiner is provided in a named user model. Pricing starting at 20€ p.u./p.m..

Working with small as well as large companies, we appreciate generating your individual quote to tailor pricing appropriate to your needs.

ValueMiner  empowers your team

ValueMiner is designed to use the collective thinking power of all employees to make your organization the best.
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ValueMiner  Training and Certification

The implementation of ValueMiner is fast and easy, likewise is the enabling and training of you, your team or even your company.
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Software & Solutions

ValueMiner combining software, an unique toolset and methodology with specialized executive expertise.

Integrate ValueMiner today to kickstart your journey towards a more efficient management style.

Strategy Deployment and Alignment

Strategies are not delivered via powerpoint – they are executed by organizations.
ValueMiner facilitates the top down as well as the bottom up view all along from Strategy to Execution.
Thereby putting all stakeholders on the same page.

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Strategic PMO

ValueMiner empowers strategic PMOs providing C-suite executives with the ability to execute effectively, forward-looking and correctively.
Ensuring their precise focus on critical initiatives by meaningful insights on the relevant strategic objectives constantly aligning all stakeholders simultaneously.

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Strategic Portfolio Management

Are your projects doing as promised? Found out any overlaps recently? Got less budget than you used to? ValueMiner bonds each project to overall objectives and ensures efficency in planning and delivery.
ValueMiner managing a multitude of projects in context and with overview!

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Agile Strategic Business Change

Changing your business according to strategic challenges is paramount to success!
ValueMiner makes sure this is not a one-time-then-forgotten-excercise, but an ongoing process to provide insight to address challenges and opportunities as well as direction to change with speed!

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Requirement Engineering

Showing the impact of change requests at a fingertip ValueMiner facilitates the core assignments of requirement engineering thereby gaining unknown efficiency & speed.
ValueMiner delivers the overall picture for identifying upcoming alternatives to meet your objectives in record time.

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Agile Marketing

Wether you need to Plan, Do, Check or Act regarding your Marketing strategy and running activities, ValueMiner gives tremendous new power to your initiatives in every single step of the PDCA circle. ValueMiner feeds your clear focus on measurement and figures delivering the story behind each of them.

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Our Clients

We enjoy the privilege of working with the following companies

It has helped us clarify scope, keep a strong communication with clients and control of status, impact and progress of complex international projects.

NasdaqOMX - (International financial company)


Bringing your complex thoughts into an easy to understand overall picture.