ValueMiner providing

overview & transparency

at any step of your growth

ValueMiner aligning

your team & stakeholders

to the same agenda

ValueMiner ensures

context & transparency

for an easy to understand overall picture


ValueMiner is the first and leading Business Facilitating Software providing consistent overview through structure and visualization of Business Initiatives. Thereby showing every single activity with its clear relations.


ValueMiner delivers the precise context of all of your Business Initiatives by adding the relevant information to your activities, e.g. by linking your primary enterprise systems providing unknown overview and insight.


ValueMiner ensures the maximum contribution of every Initiative to your strategy. Having all relevant information on only one page you gain an unknown tool for measurement and control.

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Our Clients

We enjoy the privilege of working with the following companies

It has helped us clarify scope, keep a strong communication with clients and control of status, impact and progress of complex international projects.

NasdaqOMX - (International financial company)

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