Finding the perfect gift for a loved one takes a certain kind of innovation. We all know the struggle and fear of the unknown as December hits our calendars. Trying to remember what we gifted last year, to decipher the hints we might have been handed throughout the year can often seem like an impossible task.

All the while we are baking gingerbread houses and wondering why sugar tastes that good? Oh, the confusion! Much like Innovation Management, Christmas is centered around probabilities and trying to foresee the future.

It is almost quantum in nature. How does one do that, without having magical premonitions about the future, constantly collapsing the wave function or being Harry Potter himself?

The Challenge: Example of Innovation Management

Within a company, Innovation Management is a lot like finding the perfect gift.

First you must know where you are standing, what is the status of your situation, all while having your eyes set on where you want to go: the bright spots in the future, where you close the gaps between dots that have never met before! Innovation management is a combination of finding out what is on the market and what your loved one’s perfect gift idea is.

Innovation by nature is an agile creature, as you must react very quickly to changing circumstances. A product that seemed like a great idea yesterday, might be void by tomorrow, just as right before Christmas your planned gift might be sold out.

Finding the perfect solution, let it be a gift for the holidays or your next move as a company might be less than perfect if the costs are too high – the devil is in the details, and we don’t want to slip through those. As you see, Christmas and managing innovation have much more in common than meets the eye.

For a hopeless Christmas gift buying individual, let me let you in on a little secret: gifting from the heart overcomes any mistakes you might make during the shopping process.

However, I feel it necessary to gift you with the advice that when in doubt: go for jewellery, please. You might not hit the jackpot with that new barbeque set, but if it comes from the heart… it’s a tale as old as time.

This rule unfortunately doesn’t apply to the long-term success of big corporations. For companies, I have something too: this Christmas, gift something truly remarkable: give yourself the chance to reach your full potential.

The Solution: Your Innovation Management Tool

With our AI-powered software solutions, we enable you to be your best self in the future.

With ValueMiner, you will have all your possibilities displayed in a meaningful way, you will see the real-time statuses of your projects and what spots they take in your future capabilities.

You give the ingredients, we help you create the perfect recipe. Just as with gingerbread: without a great recipe, the best ingredients might just never see the light of day to know what amazing Christmas dessert they truly are!

Screenshot of ValueMiner Bespoke Software Platform showcasing timeline Project Roadmap and Kanban tables

Our system is the third arm you always wished for, bringing order to chaos, one innovation at a time.

Don´t wait up. This is your opportunity with ValueMiner: more time, high quality outputs and costs saved.