What’s the magic?


Your own evolving business AI - powered by your everyday action!

Turn everyday action into your very own AI!

You think building an AI is not easy? Think again!

ValueMiner transforms the way you do stuff! It plants an evolving AI engine in the middle of your management processes. With every interaction, every bit of data: it evolves and changes with you.

A new project? Simply tell ValueMiner and it will be as much a part of your project portfolio as if it was always there. 

Budgeting? Simply tell ValueMiner how much you have and by what criteria it should be distributed.

Need to cut cost? Let ValueMiner suggest where.

How we do that? Simply by literally connecting all the dots! ValueMiner is designed to not only help you map your business in an unique and agile way- you will also be able to connect what consequences your doing will have.

And the best is: it will help you find out what you should be doing! 

Say, you like to know what projects are supporting your strategy best? Or what about some comprehensive reporting on your compliance exposure? Thinking about cutting budgets and wondering what for? Like to empower people by handing them “The Big Picture”? Then ValueMiner is exactly the platform for you. No installation needed – start literally to change the way you work in 5 minutes.

Get in touch with one of our partners or one of our offices- and get on top of things now!

So how does this work?


Of course we can’t really tell you all in a few sentences, but we’ll give it a shot. All your projects, objectives, sales results, capabilities, processes, departments, cost centres and simila form one great network. And as in all connected things, changes in one part have consequences to others – whether they know of one another or not. ValueMiner remembers those connections and uses them for all sorts of things, like helping you manage your project portfolio, risk management, compliance assessments – you name it!

What is your benefit?


Everyday as we work together we combine insight and organise output in all sorts of interactions – be it meetings, reporting things, giving insight on interdependencies and a bunch of other things. What if someone would help you completing those tasks in a unique way? What if all this information is memorised and immediately put to work to help you make better decisions and improve productivity in a new way? 
An example: You change the budget in one department and immediately see the effects in your entire portfolio. Transported at the speed of light throughout your entire organisation! Welcome to a new world!

ValueMiner has been designed and build to make your daily life as a manager easier – ever improving – everyday!

Use our dozens of pre-installed widgets to create your personal dashboard! A unique way to bring what you need to know to you instead of drowning in a flood of data. Combine that with a multitude of actions so you can turn insight into action on the spot.

Let the system learn what you know and have it help you save time. Wizzards or workflows support in everyday tasks and reduce training effort to a minimum. Its like having your own smart assistant. Preconfigured and ready to roll.

As in all things – who does what matters. Whether in compliance, strategy deployment, budgeting, Portfolio & Riskmanagement. It simply works and allows for a new kind of agility and productivity.

Wouldn´t it be great to simply see how your data relates to each other? Wouldn´t it make your life so much easier if datamodels simply follow your business instead of hindering your progress? We got your back there! With ValueMiner you will use the novelty of the graph with your exisisting infrastructure. Starting day ONE!