We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Greenware, the most renowned technology company in the German-speaking gardening and landscape industry.

What does this partnership mean for the industry?

Together, ValueMiner and Greenware are committed to delivering disruptive solutions designed to digitalize and streamline operations starting with – but not limited to – gardening and landscaping companies. We aim to address challenges with innovative, intelligent automation.

Robert J. Schiermeier, founder and CEO of ValueMiner states, “Current technology is revolutionizing industries at an unprecedented pace. ValueMiner has been dedicated since its founding to cutting-edge technology and a best-in-class data model.

It´s a privilege to join hands with Greenware, a pioneer in the gardening and landscaping industry. Their profound insight in the sector combines with ValueMiner´s expertise in Artificial Intelligence and business management.

Our synergy is set to transform the industry. Together, we are going to empower companies to reach new heights in a time when costs and performance are essential.

Greenware and ValueMiner Partnership Announcement

This joint initiative will focus on offering the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to our customers. Our partnership is meant to inject a whole new kind of innovation in the industry, that fosters business growth and reduces operational complexities.

Miguel Martins, Managing Director of Greenware, summarises: ”The partnership with ValueMiner enables us to combine cutting-edge technology with our technical and specialist industry expertise to create a new unique selling point. With the AI-supported platform, we are responding to ever faster market developments with short development times. Greenware and ValueMiner make maximum customised benefits affordable for all customers in gardening and landscaping. By bringing AI into gardening and landscaping practice, we are developing Greenware from an industry pioneer to an industry visionary.”

It´s time to make the “green sector” even smarter. And to extend these innovations to other fields.

Stay tuned for further exciting updates!

For any questions, reach out to our experts at Greenware and ValueMiner.

Behind the scenes – more about Greenware

Greenware has been developing software for the gardening and landscaping sector in German-speaking countries since 1990. The products mainly cover the areas of pricing and quotation, invoicing, cost accounting, controlling and resource management. Despite their original focus on the needs of landscaping companies, they are increasingly being used in other sectors as well.

Through close contact and constant exchange with companies and users, Greenware has developed into a driving force for the digitalisation of the "green sector".

Cooperation and activities in associations and specialist groups are part of Greenware's self-image. In this way, it contributes to the networking of gardening and landscaping with strong partners, guarantees the high practical benefit of its products and is a pioneer for digital innovation, individualisation, and integration in the industry.


More about ValueMiner

ValueMiner is a unique blend of business insight and technical excellence. With their state-of-the-art AI-powered bespoke software platform, ValueMiner digitizes and automates management processes, saving customers time, money, and resources.

How do they do it, you wonder? ValueMiner blends pre-configured building blocks with the customers´ unique requirements. It creates a cutting-edge platform powered by innovative AI components, including AI generative technologies such as ChatGPT4 or internal Chatbots - with whom ValueMiner has partnered since 2016 - for example. ValueMiner solutions are backed by 30+ years of business understanding.

Since its foundation in 2014, ValueMiner has earned the trust of many leading companies around the globe, including SCHOTT, Nasdaq OMX, Allianz, Telekom, Telia and MIGROS, and many more.