Many of us have found ourselves in that pivotal moment—after years spent dedicated to one company, we choose to take the leap, embarking on a new journey with a different train.

Changing is risky and sometimes scary, but most of the time it is also worth it, isn’t it?! For those considering making a move, let me share my experience with my move to ValueMiner as a Marketing Manager.

I’m Elisa Gava, a digital marketing enthusiast since 2010 – back when people still thought a ‘tweet’ was just a bird sound!

From my first interaction with the leadership, it was clear that honesty and clarity are the backbone of the company´s principles.

This approach was a breath of fresh air for me, setting a clear path for communication and expectations, and fostering a growth-oriented environment on both a personal and professional level. Add to that a relaxed atmosphere where autonomy and creativity are more than just buzzwords; they’re everyday practice. Quite frankly, it was exactly the kind of environment I had been hoping to find.

At the same time, I must admit, I was a little skeptical. Could a rapidly growing company genuinely uphold such simple yet commendable values? It seemed almost too good to be true.


Behind the scenes: a personal take on ValueMiner´s core values

As time rolled on, however, I witnessed firsthand how deeply these values were woven into the fabric of the company´s daily life. My teammates and I have three principles guiding our daily operations. They might be few, but their impact is mighty.

Here is what I have learned over the last months:


At ValueMiner, respect is more than just a value. It is the foundation upon which our company stands.

Just as a jazz group thrives on collaboration rather than competition, here we harmonize together instead of trying to outshine each other with solo performances. Each member’s unique input and tune – be it a teammate, a partner, a client, or a supplier – is valued. And thus, respect is earned.

To my eyes, this is the company´s commitment to an “Ego-free zone”, a space where mutual respect and praise for other people´s achievements and efforts guide our interactions.


Frankly, the phrase sounded raw to me when I first heard it. But it turned out to be sincere.

At ValueMiner, there is no room for pretense or hiding behind empty notes. Speaking one’s mind is not just welcomed, it is expected. Certainly, respect comes again into the game, as feedback – both given and received – is empathetic, and often sympathetic. Briefly, it’s a call for genuine interaction, for exchanges that get straight to the point.

And here’s the liberating part for me: here it’s perfectly okay to say, “I don’t know.” Rather than expecting everyone to have all the answers, the company culture values the courage it takes to admit uncertainty, to ask for help, and the willingness to grow from there.


Every week, we make commitments – we set our goals and make a pact with our team and partners to move from point A to point B.

I can tell that each member of our team diligently works towards fulfilling their objectives. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the company core value of respect. Indeed, when there is genuine respect within a team, you naturally want to keep your promises. The idea of misleading someone you respect, or betraying your own standards of work, feels simply out of place.

But are we infallible? Certainly not. We are human after all, and at times, despite our best efforts, we fall short.

Take the other week, for example: I didn´t manage to hit any of the announced objectives for the week. Trust me, zero isn´t a number you want on your scoreboard.

However, it is in these moments that our “No Bullshit” value shines through. We talk openly about our shortcomings and view them as opportunities to explore what could be done better next time. I certainly learned my lesson.

Undoubtedly, when you choose to team up with a new company – be it as an employee or a customer – you are really choosing to embrace its organizational culture and values.

From where I stand, I believe that its principles and how they are lived daily make ValueMiner an exceptional place to grow and collaborate.

Because the team is also something special here at ValueMiner. I imagine it as like an offbeat jazz group that is pushing innovation boundaries. Each of us is free to bring their own distinctive melody to the mix.

Together, we jam and create some seriously innovative AI-powered business solutions. My talented teammates certainly deserve their own spotlight, but that’s a story for another day.

If you are nodding along with my words, don´t wait up and get in touch with us today!