We all know Ian Fleming’s most famous character, Mr. Bond, who seems to have unearthly abilities to fight the laws of our universe. But even 007 himself has his tough moments: whilst fighting his antagonists, he is simultaneously struggling with another mighty enemy: having to do everything at once, as there is simply never enough time on his hands.

He doesn’t seem to be enjoying saving everyone and everything in the last possible minute, so we, at ValueMiner decided to offer Mr. Bond his best possible high-tech tool yet. Sometimes the hero needs a little assistance too!

If Mr. Bond had a little more time on his hands, maybe he would pick up new and more healthy hobbies, such as journaling, you know, just to explore his pacifist side. And this constant race with time, all of us can relate to!

So, just for the fun of it, let’s imagine a world where the essence of time expands, and Mr. Bond is never again restricted by the ticking of the clock. We, at ValueMiner developed an AI-powered software leveraging hyperautomation what was not possible before.

007 will surely feel as though his breathing space has tripled: the Vesper Martini of hyperautomated solutions!

The Challenge: How to Get Project Overview

How would the world’s most renowned secret agent, 007 himself save some oh-so elusive time? Mr. Bond has numerous exceptional qualities, and his noteworthy network of people with vital information is key for the success of his missions.

Imagine, if this was taken to the next level: instead of relying on different sources to provide him information, Mr. Bond had a system where all relevant data is stored in context, with every piece of information in constant interaction with one another.

He would never have to ask Q what magic, high-tech tools are at his disposal, he would never have to align with Moneypenny and M for vital information ever again. ValueMiner system utilizing hyperautomation would simply be the provider of all this data, automatically, without anyone’s long hours of manual updating.

At a push of a button, the 007 would be aware of life-saving information, with everyone on the same page. All this in a blink of an eye.

The Solution: An AI-Powered Automated System

With our AI-powered customized software Mr. Bond’s chaotic world would get to know order.

Our web of data, which is always in context, would give 007 a clear overview of what tools are at his disposal and what potential threats he should be aware of. There’s nothing more Bond would love, than not having to sit in meeting with M and Moneypenny, doing admin.

By skipping all the tasks our AI can do for Bond, he would be seen sipping on his favourite cocktail by half of the screentime, never again wasting time on unnecessary talks, and missing puzzle pieces.

With our software, the pieces are always in context, reacting to an ever-changing environment, 24/7. 007 would still restore peace to the world, just way faster, letting him get some well-deserved time off. Oh, the so-called work-life balance.

With ValueMiner’s solutions harnessing hyperautomation, you will be the Bond to your business adventures. We are here to you set you up with the best possible tool to focus on things that really matter.

Our AI-based software combines input from different systems and puts it into one agile and hyperautomated powerhouse structure. Extracting essential information from your different departments has never been easier: every relevant information at your disposal at a push of a button. Save time and resources by letting our Artificial Intelligence-based system take a heavy load off your plate of responsibilities.

This is your opportunity with ValueMiner: more time, and a million more opportunities – to be read thoughtfully, with a Bondesque smirk on your face, in high, high stilettos – for the Ms. Bonds of the world. (editor’s note).