Our management team

Value Miner helps small and large businesses to manage their organization and their projects best.
Our solution consisting of methodology and software, creates transparency and comprehension and shows individual aspects of your company in the overall context. By structured visualization complex ideas and situations are transformed into an easy-to-understand picture.

The methodology behind Value Miner is more than 15 years in the management of international companies and complex projects worldwide and engages therefore back to the proven expertise of those who are responsible for strategy, management and implementation of the objectives to be achieved.

The Value Miner GmbH was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Munich (Germany). Another office is located in Oslo (Norway).

ValueMiner´s Management Team

The vast experience of our management enables ValueMiner´s rapid growth and adaption to upcoming market demands.

Øystein Ullnaess 

Øystein fields 30 years of combined business- and IT-experience in banking, finance, energy, telecommunication, consulting and production markets in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, and Northern America.
His expert knowledge regarding strategic and daily management serves ValueMiner to focus on critical issues and swift delivery. His dedication towards quality assurance in business critical projects whilst ensuring full integration into overall strategy was his inspiration to create our trademark ValueMiner methodology.

Robert J. Schiermeier 

Robert has worked in the consulting industry for 15 years as a leading expert specialized on finance, TIME, utilities and government entities. He is based in Germany and Switzerland addressing a variety of projects all over Europe and Asia. Amongst his first assignments one might mention the deployment of a logistic strategy in Singapore for fiber data highway strategy in Malaysia in 1998. Since then his interest in micro economical effects of macro strategy has been honed to expertise in finance, transportation, telecommunication and energy related endeavors by demanding and challenging international clients. His list of assignments include transformation management, strategy deployment, international benchmarking, organizational renewal and M&A.