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ValueMiner is proud to present our premium partners – leading companies in their respective field and ready to deliver on your ValueMiner project!

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7N is a consultancy firm founded and based in Denmark with nearly 20 years of experience in the IT market. All 7N consultants offer a combined bag of technical skills, soft skills and proven relevant enterprise class experience, which has established 7N as the leading agent for top 3% IT specialists. 7N has capabilities within IT development, business & IT alignment and IT infrastructure and operation. With offices in 7 countries, offshore centres in Poland & India and 800+ consultants on contract, 7N delivered more than 1.2 million consultant hours in 2015.


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Pro4u is a Swedish consultancy firm specializing in complex strategy and implementation projects. Last year Pro4u had a turnover of 157 MSEK of which about 60 % is from strategy and project management consulting and 40% architect and technology assignments. Pro4u has 120 consultants working in projects in many industries like, banking, insurance, finance, health and public services and energy.

“I am Ulf H Lidman, a ValueMiner Coach, who helps my clients to model their strategy and investments using the ValueMiner methodology and tool.”


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CS Business partner AS is an insight and innovative consultancy firm. We have the pleasure to work internationally with innovative ideas, products and solutions – and bring these in a smarter way to the  market.  Our speciality is to work with high-end business segments were we meet demanding requirements.


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Strategy & Transformation Consulting

Strategy & Transformation Consulting is an independent strategy consultancy. The consulting firm successfully supports companies exploit the opportunities of the digital transformation and to deploy the necessary changes. The digital transformation is pushing the change in more and more sectors of the economy: old industries and businesses are displaced by small newcomers and losing ground. The digitization of business models and market cultivation (marketing, sales, service) caused immense challenges for companies in all industries, but also offers many new opportunities. Strategy & Transformation Consulting helps from A to Z, to exploit these opportunities effectively!


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itsbusiness AG

itsbusiness AG is a manufacturer independent Swiss IT services company. As a highly specialized solution provider for automated testing and simulation it offers, based on its comprehensive test portfolio, support for optimized release management and continuous integration at companies with complex IT environments and intricate business processes.

ValueMiner complements the solution portfolio of itsbusiness AG in the area of management facilitation and business process optimization by offering a software and methodology to manage more complex business challenges and processes.


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Krueger & Partner Unternehmensberater (management/corporate consultant) stands for more efficiency in the industrial enterprise/business. KruCon offers its clients individual project assistance, from analysis over concept development to profitresponsible implementation. Following the motto: „Experience for your project success!“


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Management Consultants


ValueMiner expands steadily its partner network and is always looking for new Consulting Partner.

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