We all know those days, when we begin the workday by setting ourselves up for greatness, ready to tackle whatever life throws at us. Just as we begin to do that, reality kicks in with its grim grip on grinding through data and being lost at sea. Ever wondered how we go from such high hopes to such harsh reality? What happens most of the time, is that we are held hostage by the wrong system, restricting our wings to fly. To find the perfect system is to find the opportunity to reach your true potential. “I’m flying, Jack!”— this is how we should feel, so let’s find the life jacket that suits you and get ready to fly!

What should I do? Can I afford it? What is the status of the things I started? These questions pop up in our daily lives like Miranda Priestly coming to the office, leaving the air frozen, the tension palpable. Gen Z would not approve of this amount of stress, and we are here to offer you a solution. These seemingly simple, almost embarrassingly to-the-point questions have been begging an answer since the beginning of time.

Your journey as a manager will always be to know the answers or at least to pretend to, except for those few precious moments when there is no limit on the budget, when you have unlimited and highly capable resources, and a clear set of objectives, that are simple, easy to apply for prioritization and just perfectly SMART. Of course, those days are the exception, and not the rule. And most workdays are the rule, thus we have only heard of those rarities from a friend of a friend and can hardly decide if it was true or just a fable.  That’s okay – we are here to upgrade your tool portfolio with our AI-based Project Portfolio System, the holy grail you have been searching for!

The Challenge: Effective Project Portfolio Management 

When it comes to Project Portfolio Management, scenario and decision preparation are among the things that cost a lot of money and oftentimes take too much time, and they need to be real-time, all the time. The decisions regarding which projects to eliminate, how to distribute your already tight budget and recourses for a maximum effect on your overall objectives are among the many challenges managers must tackle. With ValueMiner’s AI-based software platform, you will be able to compare your projects in strategic value, see their contribution to overall objectives, have transparency and clarity regarding what resources and what capabilities are still available. With our Roadmap you will be able to manage years of achievement and strategic success ahead. To know is to be in control!

project portfolio management represented through illustration of folder, cloud with connected dots, reports and a computer screen showing a report dashboard with graphs

The Solution: the AI-based Project Portfolio Management System

What will it look like? Take a deep breath and imagine having a crystal-clear view of your whole Project Portfolio. The horizon has never seemed so tangible. You are empowered by a god-like understanding of the world. Where there is chaos, you bring tranquility, all while new items are being created around you in a never stopping stream of activity.

With our system everything will make sense! ValueMiner’s AI-based PPM system will get you these answers at a push of a button. With our unique information – navigation – action logic, our system combines every action with its relevant context and every context with the necessary action. An overview with everything in context and in relation to one-another, showing you the real time status of your Project Portfolio. You will finally have clarity, thus be able to see duplicates, see what project you must eliminate and see if things are as they should be! This could be your reality with our Project Portfolio Management system, helping your business reach its objectives and strategic goals on a global scale.

Most of our grandparents have given us advice along the lines: “If something is too good to be true, it usually is.” Now, times have changed, and it is time to rid ourselves of outdated, foreshadowing prophecies. Our AI-powered Project Portfolio Management software solution is not too good to be true – it simply is.

…Ready to fly?


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