What is a Kanban, you wonder? At its heart, a Kanban board is a visual workflow management method.

It is designed to help teams visualize their tasks, prioritize them, and most importantly, keep a check on the work in progress.

As it combines risk or priority with progress statuses, a Kanban board helps you answer the age-old question: are you working the right things?

In doing so, it becomes an efficient way to boost overall productivity, and improve efficiency.

Kanban board in action 

Kanban can be used to manage a wide variety of work, including strategy deployment, product management or human resources. Here are a few examples: 

  • Strategy deployment: Kanban boards can be used to track the progress of strategic initiatives, from ideation to implementation. This helps ensure that everyone is aligned on the goals and objectives, and that progress is being made towards achieving them.
  • Product management: A manager can use a Kanban board to track the progress of the team on a new product launch. The board could have columns for tasks such as ideation, design, development, testing, and launch. The team could use the board to visualize their work, to identify and address bottlenecks, and to track their progress towards the launch date.
  • Human resources: With an HR Kanban board, recruiters can identify, hire, and retain the best talents with ease. Additionally, with this enhanced efficiency, candidates enjoy a much more pleasant experience.

If you’re a manger, a Director, a CIO or a CEO of a company – from the smallest to the largest one – Kanban boards are a valuable, easy-to-use tool to supercharge your team´s performance and engagement.

Just with a few clicks, everyone is aligned and able to instantly see the tasks the team is working on.


The benefits of using Kanban boards

Embracing Kanban can revolutionize your workflow. Let´s see what Kanban boards bring to the table:

  • Clarity and Visibility: With tasks laid out visually, tracking progress and identifying bottlenecks becomes intuitive.
  • Efficiency Boost: By setting a limit on tasks in the ‘In Progress’ (WIP) column, Kanban ensures your team focuses on completing current tasks before starting new ones. This approach minimizes multitasking, prevents potential burnouts, and fosters a more productive work environment.
  • Waste Reduction: Kanban helps pinpoint and eliminate non-essential tasks, ensuring action adds value and contributes to save time and resources.
Hoshin Kanri Strategy Breakdown and Kanban Board

3 examples of AI-powered Kanban boards

Now, we are all aware that running the day-to-day of an organization can be a challenge. However, even a basic Kanban board can make a difference in no time.

Look at the innovative Kanban boards from ValueMiner, the AI-powered tailored software, for example:

  1. Fully customizable Kanban board

Ideal for those needing utmost flexibility. Perfect for complex tasks, such as managing a software product’s lifecycle or overseeing HR hiring processes.

Set your own card details, statuses, filters, roles, assignees, WIP limits and anything important to your team. There are endless possibilities with ValueMiner´s fully customizable Kanban boards.

The best part is that ValueMiner customizable Kanban board is supercharged with an AI-powered assistant tailored to your specific role.

  1. OKR / Structural Kanban board

ValueMiner´s structural board is best suited for managing workflows with intricate dependencies. Think product release schedules or multichannel marketing campaigns. You need things to be as clear and transparent as possible.

With ValueMiner, you can add smart swim lanes and see immediately how tasks contribute to a project objective, for instance. Connect the dots like in a neural network.

  1. Classic Kanban Board

If you prefer keeping things simple and efficient, ValueMiner´s standard version with three columns and AI capabilities is for you.

Drag-and-drop elements, sort tasks by status, roles, priority, or due dates for quick updates and efficiency boost.

What Kanban board works best for you? 

Picking the right Kanban boils down to your specific requirements. Whether you desire customization, need to elevate your strategic planning, oversee complex projects, or prefer simplicity, ValueMiner has a Kanban board ready for you. 

Still in two minds? Don’t worry! Reach out to us, and we’d be happy to guide you.