Picture your company as a busy city where every department interacts like intricate roadways, each with its own unique identity, goals and needs. Sounds complex, right? But what if you could have a bird’s-eye view enabling you to forecast growth, spot bottlenecks, and devise strategies with unparalleled precision? Graph Neural networks are the answer!

As our COO Alexandra Höhne explained, an interactive graph neural network acts as the brain of our ValueMiner software, distinguishing us from the competitors. Join us as we journey into the command room of our software, exploring its structures, its workings, and most importantly, the immense value it brings.

But before we just start there, let´s make sure we are on the same page regarding the things that matter, like:

What is a neural network model?

A graph neural network is a methodology employed within the realm of artificial intelligence to analyze complex data, inspired by human and animal brains.

Like the interconnected buildings of a metropolitan city, a neural network consists of numerous neurons, called “nodes.”

The nodes are connected and weighted depending on their influence on other nodes, just like some buildings are more demanding in terms of infrastructure than others.

Alexandra Hoehne COO ValueMiner

We at ValueMiner utilize that capacity to create digital twins for companies.

Each node of a graph neural network represents a real-life object that mimics the role the object plays in its reality. Imagine for example one of your projects and its relationship to the company´s strategy and assets it supports. Our graph neural network virtually replicates those, making them evident and accessible to all, not just experts.

By doing that over and over, we create a virtual interactive and live replica of your business, its inner dependencies and its management processes. Your complex reality made simple, turned into manageable bits.

Do you think that is complicated? Well, yes and no.

Rest assured, the beauty of a graph neural network lies in its intuitive, real-life nature. You won´t see the millions of calculations happening behind the scenes. Instead, you will interact with an easy-to use platform, filled with interactive features tailored to simplify your daily tasks and keep you in control of your game.

How do graph neural networks manage loads of information?

The only problem with building a digital twin for businesses is that, well, reality is complex. It involves loads of information, relations, and interactions. Thus, you will wonder, how can you hold the complexity of a business and not drown in that overflow of data?

We crafted the “Temporary Relevant Tree” (TRT). It represents a sort of subset of the graph neural network that is relevant to a particular query, task, or process. Once you specify the task or the process you wish to focus on, the TRT highlights all the elements related to it. It´s like having a super-zoom at your fingertips!

While the TRT makes the neural network much faster, more efficient (as it uses fewer resources) and more powerful (as it can manage wider complexity), you are free from information overload, ready to maximize your performance.

So, what are the benefits of graph neural networks and of a business digital twin?

Well, good question. Imagine transitioning from your old-school spreadsheets to more advanced database tables. It seems like a step up, but does it transform your operations? Are they enough to give you the big picture? Not really.

Instead, when you harness the power of every piece of data and every interaction within your company to create a digital twin of your operations, your strategies, your projects, your human resources, the benefits of neural networks become evident:

  1. Better decision-making: not just small fixes here and there, but real changes that benefit the whole company.
  2. Save costs: no more doing the same costly tasks or mistakes over and over, but a clear, real-time overview that prevents those repeats.
  3. Less stress: no longer frantic report preparation, but all your in-depth real-time insights in ONE place. Just a click away, anytime and anywhere.
  4. Automated work: no longer time-consuming manual processes, but automated ones that streamline operations and increase efficiency.
  5. Handling big data: no more headaches, but a smart system that grows, learnd and scales with increasing data size and complexity.

Small and large companies in the construction, healthcare, retail, industrial and transport industries are already trusting our technology.

Are you ready to harness the power of your company’s digital twin and maximize your performance?

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