To us as a Munich-based company there is a clear vision of hell! And it goes as: it´s spring outside, biergartens and cafés are open, and you got this last-minute report in your inbox just as you are picking up your keys! What makes the situation worse is, that it is an important one. Taking it on another day is not an option. You then call your friends (again) and tell them you will not be there for another hour, or two – or maybe even that you will not make it at all.

Now imagine if that happened ruining your most important plan for an enjoyable evening – substitute the biergarten with for e.g., your child´s birthday or school play. You know exactly what we are talking about, disappointing your kids is definitely not possible here.

The Challenge

Let´s see, what would it take to get ready with that report without a feeling-like supernatural smart AI-powered assistant?

First you get an idea of the topic, then maybe you look for examples of similar papers in your server, or you check data from previous analysis, going through dozens and dozens of folders and sheets, then you probably end up asking some colleagues for help.

In a nutshell, that report would just take out of you tons of energies, never-ending double-checks, headaches, and time. Exactly when you have none.

Automate Report Index Servers with AI software ValueMiner and ChatGPT4

The Solution.

In those situations, a lucky few can just check the report request out, open their ValueMiner´s account, and press a button that does the report in ONE minute for them. Do you feel the power of freedom they got in their hands?

No more digging into old files manually, no more reaching out to colleagues wondering where data come from, no more writing paragraph after paragraph.

ValueMiner’s hyperautomated system would simply take care of it for you, getting the most out of your precious time, while ensuring the best quality of results. So, you can focus on what really matters: your kids, your friends and your free time.

Picture an easy-to-use AI-powered platform, connected to your company´s whole database, knowing every document, report and sheet that has ever been produced. Now imagine that ChatGPT and other cutting-edge generative AI technologies are integrated into ValueMiner´s powerful system.

Just at the press of a button, your resourceful assistant ValueMiner digs deep on your company´s server to differentiate from what works with your request and what doesn´t, and once that cleared up, it writes and delivers exactly the report you need. Just in seconds.

All data secured at your premises.Just don´t tell your boss ValueMiner made it possible in one minute only, otherwise you would be overloaded with reports to deliver!

Don´t wait up. This is your opportunity with ValueMiner: more time, high quality outputs and the relax you need to enjoy the moments that count with your friends, your family or simply by yourself.


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