Munich, 28th May 2024ValueMiner is thrilled to announce its partnership with Wertebündnis Bayern! This prominent Bavarian foundation works constantly with over 200 organizations, clubs, and associations from all areas of society, promoting values that are at the foundation of our commonwealth. The foundation is especially focused on the interests and requirements of children, teenagers, and young adults to retain a strong basis in our core values as a nation since 2010.

Wertebuendnis Bayern and ValueMiner managers Robert Schiermeier, Elisa Gava, Alexandra Hoehne, Andrea Taubenboeck, Ingrid Ritt


Our collaboration with Wertebündnis Bayern goes beyond a typical partnership. At ValueMiner, values such as responsibility and respect are not just embedded in our company name but also drive our business and daily operations.

Teaming up with Wertebündnis Bayern motivates us further to put innovation at the service of the society and the common good.


This innovative partnership aims to transform the way Wertebündnis Bayern supports its partners and helps them amplify their positive impact.

As Wertebündnis Bayern continues to grow and diversify its projects, the need for a more efficient, effective, and resource-saving way to sustainably support their partners has become paramount.

That is where ValueMiner comes in. Our technology, AI expertise and honest human approach will enable Wertebündnis Bayern to optimize and automate their organizational processes, making their work leaner, more impactful and future-proof.

Robert Schiermeier, CEO of ValueMiner, remarks: “In an era where AI is projected to reach $2 trillion by 2030 and dramatically influence businesses growth, we asked ourselves: how can technology serve the third sector for a change? How can AI facilitate the work of those dedicated to teaching and educate on values like tolerance, democracy, and equality?

By leveraging AI-driven insights, Wertebündnis Bayern will enhance the coordination of their partners, streamline project management, and identify new opportunities for collaboration and action.

We are honoured to join forces with Wertebündnis Bayern and contribute our cutting-edge technology to their cause. We are excited to see the difference this partnership will make.”

Andrea Taubenböck, Managing Director, Stiftung Wertebündnis Bayern, argues: „The importance of fostering values is seen by more and more organizations. Thus, we have been growing from 35 to meanwhile 221 organisations. The larger our Wertebündnis network becomes, the more important it is to be able to rely on technological support to match the appropriate partners to congenial project ideas.

As we embark on this exciting journey together, we are committed to expanding the positive impact of Wertebündnis Bayern and its partner organizations.

With ValueMiner’s AI-driven platform and Wertebündnis Bayern’s power of action, we aim to empower children and young people to reach their full civic awareness and engagement.

Stay tuned for more updates on this inspiring partnership!

Wertebuendnis Bayern and ValueMiner managers Robert Schiermeier, Elisa Gava, Alexandra Hoehne, Andrea Taubenboeck, Ingrid Ritt

From the left: Robert Schiermeier, ValueMiner; Elisa Gava, ValueMiner; Alexandra Hoehne, ValueMiner; Andrea Taubenboeck, Wertebuendnis Bayern; Ingrid Ritt, Wertebuendnis Bayern; Lorenz Klumpp, Wertebuendnis Bayern.

About Wertebündnis Bayern:

Founded in 2010 Wertebündnis Bayern is a real success story. Meanwhile the network consists of more than 220 organizations from various sectors of society, including teachers’ and parents’ associations, churches, experts in the fields of science, the economy, politics and the media. In 2015 the foundation Wertebündnis Bayern was established by the Free State of Bavaria to support the work of the partner organizations and offer young people insights in common projects into those values that are relevant for functional democratic societies.

About ValueMiner GmbH:

Developed in Munich since 2014, ValueMiner is the flexible, complete, and user-friendly software platform that digitalize and automates your management processes with the power of advanced AI. With ValueMiner, you can seamlessly transition from outdated stand-alone solutions to a single, integrated platform that keeps your data and know-how where it belongs, under your control. Think of ValueMiner as your smart personal assistant, that minimizes manual tasks and makes your work easier and more efficient. Proudly made in Germany, for you.

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