Even if you’re not an avid science fiction fan like us, you’ve likely heard of the Mandalorian, the bounty hunter who navigates the dangerous and chaotic galaxy to safeguard the most precious thing to him: „The Child” – or as you might know it, Baby Yoda. Now, in the realm of business, what comes to mind as the most valuable asset beside the amazing people that you hired? We’ll give you a hint: it’s data. 

What is data?

Data, often composed of facts and figures, is the fundamental unit of information. Once utilized, it becomes the foundation for calculation, reasoning, and discussion.

Simply put, just to mention one example, data is the key enabler of decision-making. Now imagine that the data you own, or have access is your adorable yet powerful Baby Yoda.

In the series, Din – Mando for his friends – and The Child encounter various characters and factions attempting to exploit The Child’s extraordinary powers. To protect his protégé, Din forms robust alliances and confronts adversaries. So, how would you shield your asset from risks and threats?

How does ValueMiner ensure data security?

Luckily for you, you don´t have to be Mando-level pro to get the job done right.

Nowadays there is a galaxy of options at your fingertips. But remember, with great choice comes great responsibility, so choose wisely.

At ValueMiner, we take your data security seriously. As an all-in-one graph-based and AI-powered bespoke software platform, we ensure your vital information stays right where it belongs: with you!

You wield the power and decide whether your data is secured on your own premises or on protected servers. In the latter scenario, you collaborate with us and AWS amongst others to determine how your data is used, who has access to it, and how it’s encrypted.

We are your Mando, dedicated to guarding your Baby Yoda. Even if equipping you with advanced, cutting-edge generative technologies integrated into our ValueMiner AI-based tool, like ChatGPT4, for instance, your data is secured through industry-standard security protocols. Are we perfect? Honestly, not yet. But like Mando, we work every day towards that goal. Together.

What is data security exactly?

In today´s world, data security is the art of safeguarding your data from unauthorized access, deliberate theft or manipulation.

Typically, you’ll be protecting your data from human errors, cybercriminal activities, and insider threats. It goes without saying that, defending your data from internal or external corruption and illegal access safeguards your business from financial loss, reputational damage, and brand deterioration.  

The Mandalorian approach: how does ValueMiner secure your data?

Since our foundation in 2014, ValueMiner introduces a new breed of Artificial Intelligence that enhance business performance, unlocking a captivating universe of sustainable business success. Our data system built on advanced graph technology, is perfectly suited for consolidating data from disparate systems while ensuring it remains exclusively with you.

By entrusting ValueMiner, you enable us to be the unyielding Mandalorian, vigilantly defending your data as if it were “The Child” itself. Our AI-based bespoke solution upholds a stringent code of honor, ensuring your priceless information stays protected and concealed from any opportunistic bounty hunters or foes lurking in the digital galaxy. With us, transparency reigns supreme: you’ll always be in the know about the fate of your data.

Don’t wait up. Seize your opportunity with ValueMiner and enjoy increased efficiency, high-quality outputs, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is truly secure.