We make your digital transformation journey easy.

Since 2014, the ValueMiner AI bespoke software platform has helped our customers transform their business performance, opening an enthralling universe of sustainable business success.

You think building an AI is not easy? Think again!

ValueMiner transforms the way you do stuff! It plants an evolving AI engine in the middle of your management processes. With every interaction, every bit of data: it evolves and changes with you.

Graph Neural Network Data Structure by ValueMiner AI Software Platform

What´s the magic?

Simply by connecting all the dots! ValueMiner is designed to not only help you map your business in a unique and agile way, but you will also be able to connect what consequences your actions will have. And the best part is: it will help you find out what exactly you should be doing!

Say, you like to know what projects are supporting your strategy best? Or what about some comprehensive reporting on your compliance exposure? Thinking about cutting budgets and wondering what for? Like to empower people by handing them “The Big Picture”? Then ValueMiner is exactly the platform for you. No installation needed – start literally changing the way you work in 5 minutes.

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Our company values.

At ValueMiner, we follow some fundamental principles that guide us in our mission to better serve our customers and enhance their business performance.

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ValueMiner is headquartered with pride in Munich, Germany’s economic powerhouse and a premier tech hub in Europe.

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